The Artisan Roaster

This artisan coffee roasting machine has a batch capacity of up to 10kg, double drum, touch panel interface, digital speed control, viewing window, temperature probe with real-time temperature display, chaff collector, and more.

We are the distributors of a double drum coffee roaster manufactured in South Africa. Our goal is to make coffee roasting accessible to the wider coffee community.

This double drum coffee roaster is an affordable option for anyone who has dreamed of owning their own full sized coffee roaster or entrepreneurs entering the market.

The double drum design has a bigger gap between the inner and outer drums to avoid surface burn on the coffee beans even at lower drum speeds. It gives you the option of roasting small batches of less than 1kg at a time (if needed) and with the ability to plug into a normal socket, it truly is a ‘plug-and-play’ machine.

Affordability, quality and design makes this hands-on roaster a reliable machine that gives you an even roast. Diederik Niehaus, Roastmaster at Singing Beans Coffee, as well as other artisan clients have made this their roaster of choice.

This is not a push-button-technology machine.

This is an artisan roaster giving you the advantages of technology, but letting you ad your personal touch.

Making coffee roasting accessible to the wider coffee community


  • Batch capacity: Up to 10kg
  • Digital speed control of drum
  • Digital speed control of cooling table
  • Touch Panel Interface
  • Cyclone (chaff collector)
  • Sampler and viewing window
  • Gas burner tubes
  • 220VAC 16A supply
  • Temperature probe with real-time (digital & graph display)

Price: R154 000

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